Wednesday, December 26, 2012

12/2/2012 - Jeremy Naberhaus

What a day what a day. I woke up to eat my 7:00 breakfast. It was a yummy meal of fruit and toast. After I was done eating I went to my cabin to work. My mind often wondered because I was thinking about my seven peers and what they were saying without me in the room. I also could not focus because I had to get through Jeff the terminator Tindall before my peer debrief. It was like I was a gladiator waiting to walk into the ring full of lions. But don’t worry guys by the end of the debrief you were more like kittens rather than lions. Well now that I think about it more, you were like fat cats that just eat to much. After my evaluations I felt at peace with ecoee and started working. Jon, Ruby, Cody and I cleaned the kitchen while Dalton and his angels did a magnificent shopping run. We ate dinner as the lovely smell of rat waste filled the air and the sound of sweat music filled our ears. After a long day full of concerns and worries it is good to get some rest.

Jeremy J Naberhaus.

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