Wednesday, December 26, 2012

11/07/2012 - Kelly Bauer

Today started like any other day in the backcountry, our alarms went off earlier than we’d like and we crawled out of our cozy sleeping bags to start our day. We started boiling water for hot drink and hot cereal since it was only 9 degrees Celsius and then we changed into our stiff, cold hiking clothes. But today was also unlike any other day we’ve had in the San Pedro Martir’s because instead of following cranes to another campsite, we followed an old dirt road back to our van. The hike took a little two hours and before we were ready to end we were greeted by our not so white van. We changed, wiped our smelly bodies with wet wipes, threw away our trash from the last nine days, and packed up to leave another beautiful place. We thought we were headed to another campsite but we were all surprised when we pulled into a motel this afternoon. Ready to set up our mega-mids in the parking lot, we were even more surprised when we found out we were getting rooms! We had an hour and a half to get showered and clean before dinner but the girls spent the first thirty jumping on the beds and dancing to music we haven’t heard in months on the tv. No longer smelling like rotten cheese, we regrouped at six and met for a delicious meal at Miguel’s. No mac, no bisque, no TVP, and no freeze-dried veggies! Only delicious Mexican food!! Tomorrow we’ll have another delicious meal here for breakfast before we head to Casa Azul
Buenos noches ECOEE!

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