Wednesday, December 26, 2012

11/15/2012 - Kelly Bauer

Today we left the cave paintings of the canyons. We’ve been through many transitions and left many beautiful places but today was the hardest for me to say goodbye to. Seeing 4,500 year old paintings was a magical experience and the challenging hikes through the canyon walls added to the thrill of the experience. When we awoke this morning the mood was less lively than usual. Not only were we leaving this magical place, but one of our members would not be joining us on our last hike together. Today Jon rode the burro up the canyon so that tomorrow he will hopefully be better. He was with us in spirit though with ever y step and meter we increased in elevation. Even harder than leaving the canyons was leaving our guide and new friend Ramon. His fresh fruit, stories, and singing made him fit right in with our crazy ECOEE family.
Tonight we are back in Casa Azul, but unlike the quiet town that we stayed in last time, the time is alive with spectators of the Baja 1000. Watching the racers I was jealous at how much of this beautiful peninsula they are traveling but these drivers are not experiencing any of this lands resources to the depth that we have been. We are learning the culture and history of Baja, California and I love traveling here.
Tomorrow we paddle out for the last portion of our trip so goodnight, Buenos noches and I really hope this race quiets down at some point tonight.

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