Wednesday, December 26, 2012

10/21/2012 - Sarah Welsh

I woke up this morning with yet another spider in my sweatshirt. Surprisingly, this didn’t even phase me and as I brushed it off, I realized I am becoming way too accustomed to the wilderness. It’s crazy to think we are already on day 72 of living out here. We are going through the motions of waking up, breaking camp, getting on the road, and falling asleep in yet another beautiful place. Like my BFF Jeff says, the scenery can change but in a lot of ways, we are doing familiar tasks. I was pretty excited to get to Malibu tonight and get in my hour and a half on the beach with the girls, but I can’t let the morning go unmentioned. In wondering what was taking Jessica so long to check the van and trailer prior to our departure, we realized she had dropped a pen into the engine. Jeff wasn’t so clean after that incident! Then, about ten minutes into the drive we stop for gas and all but me, Dalton, and Jeremy break down the door running across the street to get their Starbucks fix. It’s amazing how addicted to “hot drink” we have become. Kelly came scurrying across the street with her triple espresso and agave power bar looking like a crazed cat-lady, hippie. Just what she needs, more caffeine… Jessica comes back with her grande salted caramel frappachino, which seems to be a new favorite. Cody and Jon come back with their, I’m guessing black coffee. And then there’s Ruby, attempting to cross the four lanes of California traffic with both her and Jeff’s drinks in hand. She won this game of frogger, but lost the battle of pleasing Jeff. Gosh Ruby, no soy! We drove on and stopped at a water visitor center. It had some neat displays but they were no match for the water safety video. I now will feel safe if I fall in any aqueduct! LACOSS tomorrow and I’m hoping these kids don’t eat as much sugar as we do!

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