Wednesday, December 26, 2012

11/06/2012 - Sarah Welsh

Written from the view of the cairns.

Cairn 1: Well, at least they saw me today. I heard from cairn 1 on yesterday’s path these kids didn’t even see him, and he’s a big guy!

Cairn 2: The kids seemed alright when they were passing me. I saw a few wrong turns as they climbed up the mountain, but ultimately they came back to me and carried on.

Cairn 3: Yep guys, sorry to disappoint but this water hole you were at a couple days ago is not much more than a puddle now. Between the sun and the cows, and now you guys, I suppose this water will be completely gone in no time.

Cairn 4: Some say they have seen me before and some say they haven’t. It was a brief stop for them here.

Cairn 5: They have been sitting next to me for awhile now snacking. They seem confused and three of them went off to look for other cairns. Good luck!

Cairn 6: These kids dropping their packs right next to me looking all confused. Wonder if they know about the old run-down camp right around the corner.

Cairn 7: Finally, this group is back. Now they can clean up all the stuff they left next to me last week. Gosh, some people’s kids!

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