Wednesday, December 26, 2012

11/24/12 - Jeremy J Naberhaus

Today was a very different day. I found myself packing away things that I wouldn’t need for the rest of the trip. And for the first time of all of ECOEE it was backcountry stuff. It was strange putting my boots in a bag and saying “I don’t need you anymore” Today was also strange because it made me relies that for the rest of the trip I will be using my hands to type and write instead of holding a paddle of feeling the rough touch of the rope. But that is ok like Bruce from Breckenridge said “your best days are always a head of you.”

On a side note today was a productive day. My peers I got a lot of homework done. And we were able to get an entertaining and educational talk by Jim. We also got the van and trailer all sorted out. The other lows and I planned our rout for back home. We have made a little pit stop in the Grand Canyon. I was not excited about going there in till right now as I write. Just when I thought the adventure was over I found out we are going to a very popular park I can’t wait!!!

Jeremy J. Naberhaus

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