Wednesday, December 26, 2012

11/22/2012 - Jeremy "Jer Bear" Naberhaus

Today is thanksgiving, but a thanksgiving unlike any other. This was not filled with gluttony and football. This was the first Thanksgiving that I put true thought about what I am thankful for. I believe this was a result of seeing people less privileged than I for almost a month plus hours of thinking time in the van. I am thankful that ecoee has made me thankful . as I am sad that this trip is coming to a close I am excited to go home and tell my mom and dad how lucky I am. I also need to thank many friend and even some teachers. One thing that I forgot to mention at dinner when we mention what we were thankful for was the earth and sun for providing me with what I need to live. But right now as I write before I lay my head I feel the need to thank my new family, my ECOEE family. I am thankful to have a family not because we have the same blood but because we have spilt blood and played in the mud each other. I am thankful to have what use to be 8 strangers a few months ago now being by my side when I need it. Tomorrow we have to say good bye to Francisco who was only with us for a few weeks but he too has become a part of the family. I am thankful for happiness and wisdom that you have brought to this group. This may not have been the best thanks giving in regards of being able to eat till you pass out. Or watching football with friends and family. But in terms of the true meaning of Thanksgiving (thanks) this was the best,

-Thank you Cody for reminding me to smile.

-Sarah for making cloudy days sunny ones.

-Thanks Dalton for your generosity and helping me every time I asked for it.

-Thanks Jess for being chill.

-Kelly for being all you can be all the time.

-Jon for your double chocolate pudding dance, I will use it every chance I can.

-Thanks Ruby for being like a sister to me.

-Thank you Jeff for the skills you have taught me. And putting up with me. Good night

Jeremy J Naberhaus.

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