Wednesday, December 26, 2012

11/13/2012 - Dalton "D-City" Schaller

Today I was able to gain an appreciation for the Native American culture of the area. A majority of the day was spent hiking along the riverbed and along the canyon walls. Many of those locations were probably places where the Native Americans had probably traveled in the past. They had probably hiked along some of those paths in order to gather plants for food and medicine as well as using them for hunting. Then we were able to ascend up the side of one of the canyons along a path to some cave paintings left by this past culture. Along the way we past one section where there were a few painting and you could see signs of fire smoke. This place was probably where some of the Native Americans were living in the past. Many of them probably called that small hole in the cliff wall their home. It was pretty awesome to be able to see something like this in person. Then we were able to finally see the two cave paintings that we hiked so far to see. Witnessing the first one was pretty awesome by itself by then we went on to the second one which was even more incredible. We could see so many different works of art, each having its own special meaning. All of them being thousands of years old and having something different to say as a part of this spiritual area. It was all truly incredible to see and tomorrow we get the pleasure of exploring more of this incredible environment and we get to see another set of cave paintings.

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