Wednesday, December 26, 2012

11/5/2012 - Jeremy Naberhaus

Hi Steve Irwin here. And I am watching 8 ECOEE students all alone in the Baja wilderness. I try to stay down wind and far away so they won’t smell my sent. As they awake from what seems to be circus tents they drank a magic potion that made the little tan one and the big pale one with fur on his head happy and energetic . They headed over to the other habitat where they formed an alliance with the other tribe. They sat while one talked about water. After that they headed to the watering hole where they performed what I think was a musical ritual. They packed up stuff and headed past this big pile of rocks, and wondered around stopping to talk and turning around quite often. Once they found a series of piles of rocks and headed in the north west direction they were pleased and at ease. They met up with the 2 elders. The group gathered to talk about the bearded one’s lesson. Then feeding time came once again. The group with all females and one male eat the crikey out of rice and sweat corn bread. Shortly after they returned to their tents to get some sleep.

Jeremy J Naberhaus.

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