Wednesday, December 26, 2012

11/17/2012 - Cody J Presny

Today is day 99 of ECOEE 2012, holey moley. Today was a good one, we started at Punto Quemado, a lovely little beach resort just south of Punto de Don Juan. We knew that today’s paddle would be a short one, but we did not take our time getting in the water. The sea was calm today; my paddle seemed to slice through the crystal clear water like a machete through a watermelon. It was smooth sailing to say the least. We arrived at El Pescador only an hour or so after we left. We ate lunch and jumped right into the first activity of the day, low debrief. Even though it began to rain, the debrief went swimmingly, and after its conclusion, Jeremy, Ruby, and myself were able to assume our positions as this week’s lows. We used today as a day to get stuff done. We wanted to finish three interps and three lesson debriefs; everything was finished earlier than expected. We heard a moving interp on migration, from Jon, an adventurous presentation on great explorations, and a fur trade interp from yours truly. We were privileged to witness a school of dolphins pass by as well; a true spectacle. After some intense snorkel action, and a lovely feast, prepared by Sarah and ruby, we all retired to our quarters. A peaceful end to a beautiful day in Baja California.

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