Wednesday, December 26, 2012

10/18/2012 - Ruby Fernandez

From the perspective of Ralph the hunter:

Today I woke up pretty early; I took my gun and gear and headed towards the nearest campsite. When I started walking to the trail I saw a trailer and some people there. There was a lot of commotion, apparently someone faint, her name was Sarah. I saw a lot of people trying to wake her up and I try to stay out of it. As I started heading to my destination towards Jackass Lake I saw the same van that I saw 20 minutes ago, there were some students they pass me and I started hiking up the mountain.

I set up my gun and my gear and I decided to switch spots because I saw the same students working with some maps too close to me. I wanted to see what they were doing and got up closer. I noticed that the instructor divided the group in two and told them that they should find a certain mark and go back to the Balls. Both had to find a tarn which I knew where it was.

I started hiking up towards Jackass lake and I stayed there to hunt. I could hear from the distance people saying “Im not a deer don’t shoot me” which it was pretty funny, off course I was not going to shoot them I don’t like white meat. Anyway I saw one of the groups getting really close to the tarn but instead of going right they kept going up. They were even really close were I was. They saw the lake and decided to go back. I decided to go back as well, on the way there I saw the two groups heading to the balls. I also noticed two different tp’s and some notes on each of them. When I got closer I saw one of the groups going uphill again. I know they were not in the right spot and those tp’s were landmarks for the other group to see. Wow it must suck to go back again while the other group is chillin.

I stayed close to them trying to get some deer, it was getting late so I decided to go back to my campsite. While going back I saw the whole group going back as well and I got scared because I saw their instructor hiding in some trees. I said hi to the instructor and I asked him what are you guys doing? Which he response was what do you think? Anyway the group was going towards some dangerous part and the instructor stopped them by saying “if you go that way you are going to die” it was true.

After that they headed back to the van and I heard them saying “I can’t wait to eat and sleep”Im pretty sure they will have a great night of sleep. I’ll just do the same and rest for another hunting day.

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