Wednesday, December 26, 2012

10/30/2012 - Cody J Presny

Night number two in the backcountry of Baja California. Strange weather up here, hot in the day, below freezing at night; much different than Canada. We no longer can depend on the buoyancy of our faithful canoes to carry the weight of our gear, now we depend on our backs. We are feeling the effects of high altitude and heavy packs. I for one love the challenge. I have never felt better. I’m dirty, I’m sore, and more willing to continue on tomorrow. We trekked only a short distance today. We walked from our campsite in the aspens to the base of two peaks: Scout and the Blue Bottle. Here we dropped our packs, loaded our day packs, and began our accent towards the mouth of the Blue Bottle. This peak is the 2nd highest in all of Baja California. From the peak we could see for miles. Though it was a bit hazy, we could still clearly see the Sea of Cortez in all of its glory. I am eager to see what lies in the days ahead.

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