Wednesday, December 26, 2012

11/8/2012 - Jessica Sauer

Looking back at this experience I think about being in Canada and thinking that the days on the beach in Baja California would never come. It is now day 90 and the days are flying by faster than ever. After spending just over a week of hot days and frosty nights in the San Pedro Martirs, today we finally arrived to the Bay of LA and it was beautiful. We are in a small town with a huge view and great food. I look back to when we were sitting on the beach at our first campsite in Canada and I was bundled up in my winter jacket, taking in as much of the sun as I possibly could. Today we stepped out of the van at Casa Azul and it was like we walked into an over, I was ready to embrace the heat. Our next transition has begun and I know this will fly by too but now that we are here, I am looking forward to learning more about the history and culture of Baja California.

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