Wednesday, December 26, 2012

11/14/2012 - Jeremy J Naberhaus

-These boots that I wear have some rips and even some tears.

-They have trudged on a mile long portage and now on ground prettier than a mirage.

-They have stepped on many new places and with me have seen many new faces.

-They scattered in august back at horn field now for donkeys they stop and yield.

-They have hiked many miles and heard many songs and headed stories of homes that people have longed.

-They got dirty in the first bog and have climb over many logs.

-They have seen us laugh and even some tears it has seen us make memories that we will remember for years.

-They have crushed many cans from dinners that we have made and kicked many rocks to clear my bed before I lay.

-They have seen us storm and in Canada seen us norm will they hike the way to see us perform?

-They have been with me when I have carried many pounds, and helped me lift some people off the ground.

-They have been thought so much dirt and mud and even some blood.

-It feels like just yesterday I was buying them with my credit card but now I look back at the good times and the hard.

-That made me relies that my boots are like my ECOEE friends they are rough and tough and will be there till the end.

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