Wednesday, December 26, 2012

11/12/2012 - Ruby J Fernandez

From the perspective of the cool goat:

The wind woke me up, another day with this bell on my neck. I went this morning as usual to hang out with the other goats. On my way there I cross next to some tents and one of them was completely down. The girls on the tent seemed confused; I guess that is the new way to use a tent.

As soon as I saw my friends I put the bell on my neck and started heading to Guadalupe. I saw my good friends the mules, Poncho one of the mules told me that he was not very excited because he had to work today. They had to carry a lot of weight and they were getting ready to do so. When I finished talking to them I saw the kids coming toward us. The mules told me that they were the people that they had to work for.

I left and say hi to bow the dog, he is a peculiar guy. He almost pee in one of the kids, it was kind of funny. I saw the kids getting ready and going towards the canyons I was going there too so I decided to do it and keep an eye on them. I was in one of the hills when I saw them going down the canyons. Let me tell you that path is really rocky and only goats like me can handle it pretty well. I think they noticed me because I heard them saying what a cool goat! They went all the way down to Santa Teresa, there they rest and eat last time I saw them they were next to a fire. Now is time for me to go to sleep and get this bell out of my neck.

Good Night

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