Wednesday, December 26, 2012

10/20/2012 - Jessica Sauer

Written from the perspective of the California natives we met today… The worker from D’s Wash and Dry: Another Saturday stuck in the Laundromat. At least I have Brennan Frasier to keep me occupied. Great, now I can’t even enjoy this movie, a huge group of people just came in and they don’t even know how to use a washing machine. What are they from the wild or something? They’re finally finishing up, silence at last. Good luck to the coffee shop I heard they were headed their way… “5 minute warning! Coffee shop is closing!” Thank goodness my boss isn’t here today I am closing this place down right now. The only people that are even in here are all of these students and they aren’t even buying anything. They can go sit at McDonalds and use out Wi-Fi for free for all I care, as long as they get out of here…McDonalds employee: This is weird, a rush at 3:30? This is supposed to be slow shift of the week. What a strange group, who comes into McDonalds on a Saturday afternoon to do homework, they aren’t even ordering anything. I’m surprised the boss is letting them just sit here. But then again, I’m sure she doesn’t want to do anything right now either. I’m starting to hear them talking about getting hungry but they still haven’t ordered any food. Oh, well I guess they had the right idea, I’d pick Pizza Factory over this junk any day too... Mike from Pizza Factory: Well look who’s back, good old Jeff Tindall bringing in a new group of kids to fatten up with my delicious pizza. Man I love this guy, always buying way too much food when he stops in. I’ve gotta keep him coming back, hopefully some throwing some coupons at him will do the trick. Sounds like they’re headed to Sierra Lanes, what a good group of kids spending their Saturday night bowling rather than next door at the mini mart… Man all of these kids with their debit cards, they sure are a pain in my butt. But at least I made some money off of them. Well look at that, the girls are blowing the guys out of the water! That’s always nice to see every once in a while. Well, their hour is up. I wonder if I’ll ever run into that fine bunch again…

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