Wednesday, December 26, 2012

11/26/2012 - Ruby Johanna Fernandez Lopez

Today we woke up in the beautiful Grand Canyon. It seems like yesterday when I was running in the Canadian embassy in Colombia trying to get a visa to go to ECOEE. Now that I look back it was worth it. As soon as we walked at the rim it was awesome to see and being able to share this experience with this group. In my mind I thought about all those beautiful places that we have been together. Also so many memories like printing in the bathrooms, doing homework on a beach, preparing meals and so on.

It is easy to say that I am certainly happy of where we are and everything that we have gone through. While we were sitting at the amphitheater in the canyon waiting for our first interpretation, I couldn’t help to think about the huge impact that each person has brought in my life. Things like putting make on with the girls after a month in the back country, Dalton’s quote “It’s the idea”, Jeremy dancing like a robot, Kelly and her Hoola-Hoop, Cody trying not to be an uncle tom, Jon trying to speak Spanish and roll his eyes and finally jess eating a bunch of candy are good things that I will always remember.

Now we have our last days in ECOEE, lets enjoy and give our 100% as always and take day by day this amazing experience that we are all part of.

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