Wednesday, December 26, 2012

11/4/2012 - Dalton Schaller

Today was the last day of our solos. This would be the last chance we would have to reflect on our lives for a long period of time. So from the time I woke up until the time that Jeff came to get me, that was what I did. I contemplated on memories from the past, what I was doing in the present, and what I wanted from life in the future. For quite a few hours I sat there thinking on those things, with the occasional break to watch animals. Then, Jeff came to get me and he told me to head back to his campsite for the group debrief of the solo experience. While waiting for everyone else to get there we were told to remain silent. It was quite difficult for everyone in the group not to talk to each other, especially after two days of being alone. However, the last two people finally arrived and the debrief was able to take place. During the debrief I was able to hear about everyone else’s experiences and then share mine as well. Once we concluded the debrief we had a visit from a couple of true vaqueros. Apparently, it is possible that Sarah might be running away with them, but we will have to wait and see. To end the day we went to our new tent groups and started to re-set up camp and prepare our meal for the potluck. As one big family, we ate dinner together and then the LOW’s briefed us on the day to come.

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