Wednesday, December 26, 2012

1/11/2012 - Ruby Fernandez

From the perspective of Kevin and Robin:


We woke up early this morning to make coffee, 6:40am to be exact. I heard the girls saying it was time to wake up and make breakfast. I woke up and I saw them making coffee and oatmeal. On the other end of the trail I saw the guys heading up the mountain to get water for everyone.


We started our hike at 11:00, everyone seemed in a good spirit. We started hiking next to a water bend and had some stops along the way. I was way behind Jeff and for some reason no one seems to acknowledge me. Well only Francisco called my name while we stopped twice. Anyway on the way back to the valley, Francisco told us to pay really close attention to the features because we were going back to ourselves. I hope I can be the navigator and Robin the sweeper. Some of the feautures I have on my mind are Gary the Rock, the canyons and the footprint rocks. I hope I can remember all this on my way back. After 2 hours we saw the valley, by the time we got there everyone seemed tired and sunburn. We found water next to cow poop and found a cool old cabin.


As soon as we got to the valley we set up camp and had a debrief on Dalton’s and Sarah’s presentation. Some positive and negative feedback that in the long run will help us to become better outdoor leaders. Francisco gave us his insight about the group and told us that we needed to be passionate about our profession so other people can have meaningful experiences. After debrief the girls and Cody made a great pizza!!! And a cake!! Now Im too full to keep writing so I will just go to bed.

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