Wednesday, December 26, 2012

10/27/2012 - Sarah Welsh

Today we woke up to an early start, Gotta pack our stuff before we do depart. First decision of the day was Cheerios or Cap’n Crunch. Sorry Jeff, no more Cheerios for you to munch! Rations got pulled, there was flour everywhere, 20 lbs. no less, I got no room to spare. Later at Wal-Mart, I got more food. McDonald’s again, not really in the mood. 8 lbs. of Pepper Jack we want that cheese, And don’t forget the 6 pepperoni sticks please! Rations were pulled; time to switch over to gear, My bag was stuffed full, there’s no room in here. Took my last shower for about an hour, Hope after 1 month without I’ll still smell like a flower. Now the groups doing homework and stuff, 20 pages of notes that should be enough. Last day of computers and technology, Were getting out of the U.S., yeah we’re gonna flee. We pick up Francisco tomorrow in Ensenada. Jess’s birthday eve, we should get a Piñata. Early start tomorrow and I’m about to go to bed, Goodbye USA, to Mexico we head!

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