Wednesday, December 26, 2012

10/19/2012 - Jeremy Naberhaus

Today was a pretty good day. The reason why is because we got to start it later than normal. We had French toast at breakfast, then a debrief lead by Kelly. The debrief was nice for me because it helped me learn from my mistakes from the day before. We than packed up and the LOWs for next week met with Jeff. While they were doing that I and others did homework and I got to read First Blood for 15 minuets which was nice because I am at an action packed part of the book. We than all hopped into the van for a long bumpy ride downhill. While going down Jeff told us all about his good times that he had living and working in these beautiful mountains. One of his memories being him and his peers riding a skate board down the hill using a 2X4 as a break. Once we got to Summit Adventures we had a meeting with Gramm. He started the meeting by showing us a video made by Tim Hansel. It was a great video not just because of the awesome 80’s styles but also because it had the same sound track as Rock IV. We also took a look around and Jeff told us about the old days and how it use to look. After Gramm left we all took showers and went out to eat. It was a lovely meal in a lovely place. It was also nice to watch a game and even nicer to see the Cardinals losing. Today was also good because 52 years ago a great man was born… my father Brian J Naberhaus. Because today was his birthday I gave him a call to let him know I love him and to tell him about the past few days. I told him how some of us are stressed and flustered about the school work. In our conversation he told me he was proud of me and the people that I am with. That we are special people for doing what we are doing and not to give up. My dad use to hug me everynight. So in honor of Brian I am going to try and hug everyone before we go to bed.

Jeremy J Naberhaus

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