Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 9, Aug 19th, 2012 - Kelly Bauer

I am so happy to be laying here with the “Go Girls”, we’ve accomplished so much today and if only we could stop giggling, I know I’ll sleep well tonight. We had a moderate start this morning, both campsites were a little late to the put-in time but we got into the water and headed into the misty river in good spirits. There were some difficulties in communication and navigation on the river, but after discussing in debrief, I think we are ready to get some miles behind us. With a quick campsite selection we were able to get a lot done today which is good since it’s “shakedown week”. We got an invaluable lesson on personal hygiene from Jess and by the looks of it later, the boys had a great time putting it to use. I heard Jeremy even saw a river snake. They seem to be having a lot of fun with their “man time” in the boys tent. Today I learned there are many “manly fruits” – something I did not know and did not get much clarification on except that kiwis are definitely not manly. The girls tent had a special guest for dinner. I don’t quite know who Sarah was hoping for but our dinner guest was Jeff. Unfortunately, we got stage fright and the rice wasn’t up to par. We can only hope he’ll join us another time. I thought our last campsite was great but this one is even better. We’re all spread out on the beach and no one is in the woods. By the looks of the beach it seems like we’re on a hot sandy beach about to enjoy an iced drink after a dip but it’s in the fifties and we’re dressed in insulating layers and enjoying our hot drinks instead. Though the dip today in the icy bay was refreshing! Canada truly is a beautiful place. I look around me and want to work as hard as Mother Nature to keep this Earth a beautiful place to live. I can’t wait for another day at the campsite tomorrow, I’m antsy to get on the river but I am enjoying all this bonding time. If only Brian was here…. -Kelly

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