Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 27, 09/06/12 - Ruby Fernandez

At 6:30 am the blue tent woke up with an unusual alarm, Jeremys beautiful voice. He told us that the day was uncertain and that we could have breakfast and wait for a decision. After eating some delicious oatmeal we went to shore to debrief. Jeff told us a good story about a guy in Alaska that had to overcome different obstacles to remain alive in difficult circumstances. That story remind me how in this expedition we have to think before we act so we don’t have problems such as sleeping on a wet sleeping bag/tent. After debriefing we were all happy because the Leaders of the Week (LOWS) told us that we would stay. Most of u used our time to dry our stuff and make the campsite bombproof. Later on Cody made a good impression with his professional outfit and concise lesson about water filtration. The afternoon went by with some Jeff’s lessons about judgment traps. We had some tiem to reflect and prepare lessons. Dinner was great!!! Main dish veggie burgers and for dessert peach cobbler (burned peach cobbler). Lesson learned for Kelly, you should not go and take pictures while baking cakes hahhahah The night finished with expectations for the next day. Can’t wait for another paddling day and a 1500 meters portage. One week to go. HASTA LA VISTA ECOEE!!! Ruby Fernandez

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