Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 8, Aug 18th, 2012 - Sarah Welsh

Today we woke up on our own, Alarm goes off we moan and groan. Rolled our bags up in the tent, We’re homeless now, we pay no rent. Made oatmeal with peanut butter and fruit, I ate so much I thought it would come out on my boot! The other group ate hash browns and flap jacks, Gotta broadcast our water so the bears don’t think we’re snick snacks. Did some tentmate evals and read them out loud, Some feedback was harsh but some made me proud. I noticed many evals gave me fours, You all must be crazy. My only skill is sewing tent doors. The other group had lots of ones and twos, But what about dump school? Any five star poos? And speaking of scat, I haven’t found much, There are wolf tracks on the beach, and beaver chews and such! We debriefed the LOWs from last week, And Jon taught us the difference between a duck and greeber beak. Then Jeff taught us how to bake in the backcountry, Pizza is way better than TVP. We learned to not wear sandals in the cooking spot, One cook in the kitchen the stoves are hot, hot, hot. Sarah gave her lesson on how to sleep warm, We’re back on the river tomorrow and we hope it doesn’t storm. What a long day I think as I’m lying in bed, Another day has come and gone, Enough said! Today was really nice getting up and having breakfast with our tent groups. It sounds like they were both good except for me putting way too much peanut butter in my oatmeal. On the positive side, there goes my peanut butter craving for life. Some are saying the days are long and it feels like we have been out here for years, but think about how much we are learning and how many stories we will have for life. I really could not have asked for a better group to go through this experience with and I am so excited to continue on down the river again tomorrow. The journey continues and the beauty remains. Don’t forget to soak in where we are and the beauty that lies right in front of us. ECOEE, ECOEE, ECOEE -Sarah Welsh

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