Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 18, August 28, 2012 - Jeremy Naberhaus

-I’m about to tell you how the day went down woke up in the morning on the ground. -Where we going north or south? Jon’s first time with oatmeal , couldn’t get it down his mouth. -Sarah read us about ferry point couldn’t wait to check out the joint. -What’s that a jelly fish or an U.F.O? Took some pictures and it was time to go. -Cody and Kelly singing without a care. Dalton and jess hit a rock, who put that there? -Came to the camp site and pitched our tents, So much better than an apartment , no land lord collecting rent. -I want to thank Imodium for holding in the sludge and Jeff for teaching us how to judge. -took some time to reflect I did some mediation, I feel clam and collect. -Told these cool cats about my life Didn’t know what to say so I had to think twice. -Told them things I don’t tell everyone but them I trust. To understand me them things were a must. -While hanging bear ropes Jeff told me and Jon not to die. But then we tried to make Jess fly. -Before we went to bed for our nightly nap we as a group pull out the maps. -Got to hit the hey I am feeling cashed can’t wait for the morning to take out trash. -EEWW what’s that in the bottom of my bear bag? I can’t tell! All I know is it really smells. -Got to keep it in my bear bag because I don’t like to litter. Watch for the toilet you don’t want a splinter. -I can’t wait for the morn because I’ll put my fanny pack in the front and I’m not afraid to show it I am Jear Bear and I know it. -Watch out thermArest, I’m heading your way I can’t wait to start a noonway day. Jeremy Naberhaus

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