Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 13, August 23, 2012 - Ruby Fernandez

We started our day pretty early and got everything packed for our paddling day. Before that we had some delicious biscuits made by Sarah, yeah girl!!! After eating we started finding our bearings in the map and loading canoes. Everything was packed and we started heading to Fifty Seven Bay which was our final destination. The start of the paddling was a bit confusing but after looking at the map several times and with the help form others we started heading to the right way. After crossing Hay Bay and going to Fifty Seven Bay the Leaders of the week thought it would be a good idea to spread the group and find spots to camp by our own, not the best idea because the group spend too much time trying to find a spot and finding each other. After paddling some more Jeff decided that we should stay at one inhabited island. When the whole group got together on the island we were very surprised and happy to have a bathroom and not having to hang bear bags wohooooo!!!!! Everyone felt happy to be there and some of us did “laundry” at the lake. Jeff gave some lessons about feedback and expedition behavior. Oh also Jessica is wearing the monkey hat for her unicycle hahahha. Oh also the boys had a black tie dinner with Jeff, not sure how It went….. Overall was a good day, some bumps in the road but the debriefing helped us to solve our problems and keep going with this great experience. First week of shakedown over!!!! Three more to go. Btw Jeff should write a book with all his stories they are pretty cool. Specially the unicycle one. Ruby Fernandez

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