Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 11, August 21, 2012, Cody J Presny

Twas a great day. I woke up from the wackiest dream to find myself smack dab in the middle of one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The sunrise was like a beautiful dove taking flight over a veil of draped silk. We packed the canoes then Sarah and I set sail into the foggy abyss that is Manitowik Lake. I started in the bow, and Sarah in the stern. We done seen some real pretty rock formations as well as a butt shaped land mass. We aimed for the butt, and made it. Score! Ruby and Dalton were in the lead and they killed it. Swell! We came to our first portage, Little Stony. Man, I'm telling you it was tough, but so invigorating. Neat! It took us a while to carry the four boats, the bear bags, the red bags, and our personals across the 650 meter trail. We trekked on, continuing a little bit down the river, where we found our next portage and campsite. Raw! I ate some food, then I swam with Kelly, then I ate some more food. Yum! Now I am quite sleepy and my brain is wandering. I just can't wait to cruise on to Rabbit Island in the morning. I'm pumped and stoked, like the time when mankind was to wrestle in his final match. If I recall correctly, it was a cage and weapons match against Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Undertaker. It was an intense match up, with tons of blood and high altitude excitement. Mankind lost that fight, but still came out a winner in my eyes. So to summarize, ECOEE is getting me pumped, and ready to wrestle in a cage… well maybe not, but you get the picture. Now I am brain dead and gots to sleep. Sorry about writing this ridiculous journal entry, but hey what don't kill you makes you stronger. P.S. saw some Canadians today. Was pretty righteous. Fin. Cody J Presny

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