Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 38, Sep 17, 2012 - Ruby Fernandez

Once upon a time on a beautiful place called Glassy Falls 9 warriors were spending their last day at the Missinabie River. They had been there for 32 days looking for treasures and something majestic called personal growth. The 3 leaders woke up very early and noticed that their ways was going to be difficult. After some time all the warriors woke up and started eating some meals. The orange warriors had gold oatmeal which I have heard gives you incredible strength. The blue warriors ate diamond pancakes which gave them the ability to see the future and plan ahead. As soon as they had their magical powers they packed their ships and left Glassy Falls. The route was hard, on the way they found their two worst enemies (cold and rain). Cold and rain sent their powerful soldiers against them but the warriors had their best armors and defeated them. When they thought the fight was over a huge path of rocks was waiting for them. The warriors had to use their magical powers and crossed their ships through this infested path of giant rocks. Few hours later they did not know where to go but on the way they found a mystical creature that many people have heard of. This creature is a big beautiful animal called “The moose”( wise master). The warriors could not believe what they were seeing and as they approach it the moose did not even move. Some of the warriors thought they were going crazy but as they got closer they realized the myth of the moose was real. The moose told them that their destination was ahead and that they will have a great day. The warriors knew they had to make it, their strength was not the same and they knew a great treasure was waiting for them. After such an adventurous day the warriors got to their destination, Mattice. This place is a singular town some people say is mystical because there is a castle with hot water and gold beds. Other says that there are many feasts and tons of food. Knowing all this, the warriors got to land. Three Canadian friends were waiting for them. They lead the warriors through a path that could lead them to the castle. The warriors did not believe all those stories about this castle but big was their surprise when after crossing a road they saw the castle laying ahead. When they arrived all their faces were lightened up and some of them went to find the fountain with hot water. Others were looking the golden beds that everyone talked about. In the castle they had a great meal full of deserts, fruit and all kinds of meat. After the feast most of the warriors were full and tired. They sat down with Clyde the king and had a long conversation about the next journey. They talked about their fights against the bear bag soldiers, the smelly giant, the branchless trees and the rapid warriors. The warriors are now in their gold beds waiting for the next journey and next treasures ahead. I will keep you updated…. Ruby Fernandez

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