Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 30, September 09, 2012 - Dalton Schaller

Today we were able to sleep a little later because we didn’t have to leave until 9. My group woke up, made some hot drinks, and following Jeff;s advice, made the best cocoa wheats of the trip. After that we portaged our stuff the rest of the way across the trail and loaded the canoes. The paddle today was rather uneventful since there weren’t any animals or rapids, but many members of the group still found it fun by having conversations and even a race. Once we arrived at Thunder Falls there was a little confusion about how we were going to get to the portage trail. Finally, the LOW’s decided that we would carefully run the rapids and use the main portage trail. We hurried through the portage and across the pool so we could set up tents and tarps quickly to beat the possible rain. After that we ate lunch and then received a lesson on the Authority cycle from Jeff. Immediately following the lesson was the ECOEE fashion show put on by Ruby and hosted by Jeremy. Next, we ate dinner which for my group consisted of nature burger, pepper jack cheese, and some really good bread. Finally, to end the day we had debrief and brief and then cleaned camp and hung bear bags. Now I am going to bed to rest up and prepare for a hard day head. -Dalton Schaller

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