Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 35, Sept 14, 2012 - Jon Manuell

Well our journey in Canada is coming to its end, there were many animals, sights, and accomplishments that helped us feel at home. Wolves howled across from a lake, a nurturing mother bear with three cubs at her wake, most saw a moose, although some only the caboose, many a frogs, some in water and some in trees. Angry squirrels were noisy, chattering away; chipmunks were sneaky, stealing our food away. Hard working beavers were seen floating by, a family of otters were having a good time, a hungry bobcat was hunting to start our trip, silver northern pike were eaten after a fight, and even a giant rabbit that’s called a snowshoe hare. The birds were bountiful, the loons were our first, followed by countless belted kingfishers seen at each bend, red necked grebes were diving, what a sight to see, bald eagles so high, flying effortlessly, and also some osprey with wings spread wide, also a calliope humming bird hovering above a tree. Yellow virrios and tit mice were also in the mix, a night hawk and barred owl were friends when sundown. A pilliated woodpecker put on a great show, sand hill cranes gave us a woody call as well as assorted ducks were seen each day, sandpipers on stilts were caught walking away. A ruffed grouse was seen on an island, didn’t expect that. There were many others that I have let out but they have definitely helped me make it feel like home. The pictographs on canyons and going through a bog, the beautiful night stars so far above, the challenging portages and miscellaneous tracks, as well of an array of boxes that caught our scat. The rock gardens were tricky just to say the least, followed by rapids, some were definitely a beast. The sunsets were pretty as well as the falls going through the stages, our group has become stronger. Canada definitely has grown on me, feeling at home once again. -Jon

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