Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 17, August 27, 2012 - Kelly Bauer

Today was a pretty normal day. We padded to a new campsite, portaged, and saw a moose along the river. The fact that that’s what I consider a normal day is pretty indicative that we’re growing accustomed to living in the out of doors. We had a good start this morning…except for the slug city that established itself beneath our canoes. Early in our paddle we had a new sighting, a moose! (but for some of the group, only a moose caboose). Shortly after that we arrived at our fourth portage of the expedition. We’re all getting stronger and more efficient because we completed it in under an hour. I tried to carry a canoe solo and made it most of the way but I was happy to have Jon and Jeremy behind me to assist at the end. We arrived to our new campsite on Missinaibi Lake a little after noon and were given time for lunch. Luckily I had a big ‘ol chunk of delicious sun-dried tomato bread that I had won from Jeff to satisfy my appetite. We got another couple lessons from Jeff in this afternoon. Today’s lesson on group development was fun because the inner actors were brought out in all of us. Cameron Diaz, Leo, and Brad even made guest appearances. All in all, there were a few Oscar worthy performances. I don’t know though because after “Last Breath”, written by Cody and I debuts, I doubt there will be any Oscars left. For dinner Cody made some bread, or should I say hot dough. It was delicious though and I can’t wait to try the one he’s baking now. I think the other tent was still in a food coma from lunch. I performed an interpretive dance for the group after debrief for leaving a certain item out last night but I think the highlight of the night was Jeff being nominated for the banana hat for not completely bomb proofing his campsite last night. I can’t wait to see him paddle with that all day tomorrow. I’m getting sleepy and we have an early departure tomorrow so goodnight moon. Oh yeah, how could I forget Jeremy’s catchy tune this morning… I wear my fanny pack on the side, what! I wear my fanny pack on behind, say what? I wear my fanny pack on the front, why? Cos I do what I want! I do what I want! -Kelly

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