Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 10, Aug 20th, 2012 - Jon Manuell

This morning the group was able to catch some extra sleep since we decided to stay at our campsite an extra day. People were a little disappointed at first not getting back on the water but the plans and lessons were a necessity especially if it rained. Looking around at all the nature surrounding me, I couldn’t help but smile knowing the rest of WIU were in artificially lit boxes most call classrooms. The breakfast was light and we all arrived at our meeting site anxious to start our lessons. Everyone seemed to be in high spirits as the lessons began and eager to learn. Jeff began by administering an IP3 test. Once completed, we grouped up in the leadership style that fit us best. I felt like I didn’t really fit but after a great explanation of each style, I learned a lot about the people in my group and why they lead in certain ways, especially for Kelly how it matched her perfectly. Sarah also made a funny for the second consecutive day! The second lesson was judgment and this lesson the assessment, technical knowledge, and experience was analyzed and we gained a better sense of what to do during given situations. Once completed, it was lunchtime. After a nutritious lunch we met at the Go Girls eating quarters and learned how to construct tarp hangs that protect us from different elements. I am very happy how it went, not only did I learn the techniques, I also learned several knots. Once concluded, Jeff went into his third lesson which was about risk management. We talked and discussed the three cycles of how to successfully manage and maintain different types of risk. The last lesson was how to read the map and the seven colors that they represent. After the fact, I believe we are much more confident on how to read the maps and use them properly. We had a hearty dinner after that then debriefed Jeremy on his tarp hang lesson. Lastly, we debriefed the group which had been very productive lately as well as some good ‘ol belly laughs. Got 16.4 miles tomorrow and excited to get back into the water.

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