Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 2 - August 12, 2012 - Ruby Fernandez

First long day of ECOEE 2012! As we prepared ourselves for the expedition we had to start our first task of the week, pulling out food for our trip to Canada. After lunch the group had different feelings about the food and specifically how much to take to Canada. Some people knew what they wanted but in terms of quantity it was very hard to determine the right amount for a month of paddling. First we had to get our rations plans and the printer at the office did not work. Cody helped us to fix it and we finally, after an hour, could print our ration plans. Once we got that done everyone started to prepare and set up their own food bags. The limit was 60 POUNDS! We all thought that was too much but we were all surprised that we all took more than that. Six hours pass by really fast while you are packing food. In general the group had a great attitude and we finished on time our rations. Most of us took too much weight and there was always a line on the weight to see who could find those 60 pounds that we needed to take. The leaders of the week (Kelly, Jon and Jessica) guided us in inventory and setting up group gear. Finally we had a delicious dinner made by Jeremy and Cody. The group looked tired by the end of the night but with a feeling of accomplishment by doing the task. I think the conclusion of the day left us thinking how we are going to carry all this weight and how challenging this experience will be. At the end is a good feeling to work hard all day and see good results. Also seeing the group working together and helping each other was a good thing. It would be a challenging road but if we keep this working and positive attitude we will get used to these following days in the backcountry. -Ruby Fernandez

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