Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 3 - August 13th 2012 - Jon Manuell

Today started very early with a delicious breakfast cooked by cody and Jess. With spirits high we left Horn for the activities of the day. The itinerary allowed our group a chance to to complete different tasks around campus which also gave Jess and myself some time to take our 15 passenger van drivers test. The test was slightly stressful to begin with but once behind the wheel i was fully confident, needless to say Jess and I passed with flying colors. In the mean time the group was able to to basically us technology for the last time in a month, as well as drop off polos and medical forms. The next phase on the agenda involved picking out our PFD's and the proper paddles. After all was picked and sorted we made our way to spring lake to finally get on the water. Before we could jump right in Jeff gave a couple of lessons of techniques to efficiently operate a canoe followed by a quick lunch of assorted sandwiches. By this point everyone was anxious to get on the water. The pairs were split and we hopped right in. The general consensus for the skills was moderately low besides Jeremy but everyone caught on real fast. Once everyone was familiar with the different strokes, we took off towards the back of Spring Lake. The Journey was just what everyone needed. i was very impressed with how fast everyone picked up the techniques and maneuvers. I was also very excited to see all the wildlife sand especially birds. Turkey vultures soared overhead, herons and egrets were everywhere, and we even saw a bald eagle. At halfway point we switched partners and headed back, once back we were pretty the group was pretty pooped. Back at Horn the low's talked to Jeff, the cooks prepared food, and the rest cut tarp. Dinner was excellent!!! Chili was on the menu and it was a big hit. After dinner we discussed what could kill me, hurt me, and make me sick with a little competition. After a heated battle males vs. females we ended in a tie. After we finished we discussed our own medical concerns which will help enormously along the path... Finally we briefed and debriefed. To close out the night the low's met with Jeff and we were glad to here Jeff give the group some positive feedback as well as some helpful hinters! Well it is late, night. -Jon

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