Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 32, Sept 11, 2012 - Sarah Welsh

We woke up this morning a little past six, Pot of water boiling, need my coffee fix. Loaded up the boats for another day, Navigator boat had Jon and a Ru-bay-bay. On Brunswick Lake we were getting broadsided, Back and forth at times the boats collided. We made it through, back on the river we went, It would be six hours before I saw my tent. We ate a quick lunch on the side of the river, More humus please to put on my nature burger. We paddled on not knowing what came next, A bunch of rocks, some glass, we were perplexed! Quickly thinking we made an assembly line, A few bloody ankles, some bruises but heck we’re fine. We paddled on not knowing how much farther it would be, We learned to measure kilometers more to a “T”. We portaged later 50 kilometers no big deal, We’re starting to get tired don’t ask us how we feel. Almost twenty miles today and I feel the burn, Meaty-Mac tonight makes my stomach churn. Looking up and down from head to toe, Crazy hair, suntan lines, hairy legs fo sho. Then comes the ankles covered in leeches, Who woulda thought we would like dry peaches! I’m going to sleep tomorrow brings another day, ECOEE, ECOEE, ECOEE paddle on we say!

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