Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 5 - August 15th - Cody J Presny

We left Horn today. It was a pretty early and hectic morning, but everything seemed to run its course. After a delicious but late breakfast, we found ourselves on the road. The cabins were scrubbed, the lodge looked better than we left it, and we were all stoked to embark on ECOEE 2012. After getting settled in the van, we saw some corn, then some soy beans, then some more corn. Then I saw the backs of my eyelids for a while; that was nice. When I came to, we were passing into the lovely state of Indiana. We stopped for snacks, gas, and fireworks… wait scratch the fireworks. We left the gas station and I took shotgun, Jeff and I shot the scat for a little bit, and I got some vital information that will help me teach my WEA lesson. We crossed into Michigan and I gave Carol Gates a call to inform her of our ETA. She related some troubling news to me about her husband gator. She told me that he had been experiencing some blood abnormalities and that she was going to take him to the hospital. The news didn't sit well with me, and I knew it was sitting worse with Jeff. We didn't get relief until we received a call from Gator himself, reassuring us that everything was okay. When we arrived a few minutes later we were introduced to the lovely Carol Gates, and the infamous parents to Clyde Jeffrey Tindall. What a gas! After our hellos, the group and I explored the forest a bit. Sarah told us that she harnesses the uncanny ability to hypnotize frogs. I was able to climb a few trees, which happens to be a major stress reliever for me. After enjoying a lovely dinner and movie, we were privileged to a very informative lesson on biodiversity by the intelligent Ray Gates. We debriefed Ruby's WEA lesson, and all gained some important insight on what our lessons should look like. And here I am writing a journal, I feel like an eighth grade girl, this is all so new. Peace Love goodnight, day 5. -Cody J Presny

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