Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 29, 09/08/12 - Jon Manuell

Today our group had a much later start being a Saturday with lots of free time to look forward to. The day before was quite exhausting for most and my tent mates and myself enjoyed a fire under a crystal clear sky with starts that exploded from the sky. As I awoke, muscles I forgot I had were reminding me of the big accomplishment the day before. We started the day with a quick breakfast followed by filing out our tent mate evaluations. Once evals were finished, then our lunch of chocolate cake with banana pudding was ready as we read aloud the evaluations to each other. The evals were very constructive and all parties left with a better sense of what we are doing well and also places for improvement. In the middle of the day it was time for the LOW evaluation of Jeremy, Jess, and Dalton. After a lot of feedback, advice, and things to work on, new LOWS took over as well as new tent mates were arranged. I was excited to finally be paired up with Sarah for the first time as well as Jeremy and Kelly being paired up together. Kelly was then able to give her Real Talk Canada which was great hearing why and how she grew up to be who she is today. We then were able to ask her questions which she was more than happy to answer. Once completed, we were free the rest of the day. Everyone spent their time in their own way and were able to relax and get ready for the intense week ahead. The day ended with a good Mexican dinner and hanging bear bags, for an uneventful day, I for one really needed it. -Jon Teapot

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