Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 15, August 25, 2012 - Jessica Sauer

Woke up this morning, With Jeff as our alarm. Still seemed early for our tent, We aint livin’ on no farm. Left our sight a mess, Feelin’ full from my corn bread. We were in a food coma, Couldn’t think straight in the head. Didn’t bomb proof the kitchen, Thought we’d clean it in the morning. Had no idea the main man’d see it, Without a warning. Finally working on evals. By 10 o’clock, While Kelly’s munging in our “kitchen” which is really just a rock. Ate some cheesy hash browns, Man those were good. Why am I even rapping? I don’t think I’m from the hood. Had a great time with the girls, Didn’t want the week to end. But the boys will be fun too, I’m not meaning to offend. All rushing to debrief, We thought we would be late. Didn’t let that happen, Couldn’t miss our weekly date. The group debriefed the LOWs, Got some things off our chests. We know you worked your hardest, Didn’t mean no disrespect. Finished up week two, now preparing for week three, New LOWs gave us some free time, Gosh you should have seen us flee. Give us time to bathe, That’s all we ask. Just a moment in the river, Such a simple task. It really brightens our spirits, Puts us all at ease. Sunshining in our faces, With that Canadian breeze. I had an early dinner, With my new group. Delicious Asian pasta, Hope it doesn’t make me poop. We practiced orienteering at the bottom of the hill, I’ve really gotta get this, I know I need this skill. I made my way through, Different barring’s and degrees. Even got a Jolly Rancher, Wow, are we easy to please. Jon and Jeremy were upset, When they saw Dalton with some fish. A hot fresh meal, Was one thing they didn’t want to miss. Finished up with debrief, An easy relaxing day. Our group got through it quickly, Didn’t have too much to say. Got our bear bags up, And headed down to the fire. Where Jeff made us some popcorn, A salty snack we all desire. He answered all our questions, About his wilderness life. How did he end up with these rascals, I might be searching for my knife. The night came to an end, With a story filled with scat. Now my eyes are getting heavy, Time to hit this orange mat.

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