Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 37, September 16, 2012 - Cody J Presny

We started the day with some free entertainment. To begin with, Sarah found herself in a sticky situation right off the bat. While loading the boats at Big Beaver portage, I walked up to find Sarah calf deep in a pit of mud, and the rest of the group dying of laughter. No hard feelings Sarah, but it was pretty funny. After we all settled, it was time for another round; this time courtesy of Jess… But I digress, today was our second to last day on the river, and I feel like everyone was trying to soak it in (no pun intended). We ran our last CII tech rapids, which made everyone's eyes light up. We made it to our destination of Glassy Falls a little after noon. Today was set aside for one on one evaluations with Jeff. While the evals went on, the rest of us were able to enjoy the beautiful sunny weather and even more beautiful setting. I took the opportunity to bathe in the rushing falls, and relax briefly on the beach. When it was my turn to go to my eval,l I was excited, to say The least. I was very curious to hear what Jeff had to say about me; the feedback I did receive was very helpful and insightful. We ended the night with a magnificent meal of lentils and TVP, followed by a late debrief. what a day. I am excited to see what tomorrow brings as our voyage comes to an end and we reach Mattice.

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