Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 16, August 26, 2012 - Sarah Welsh

I woke up a little past seven, Turned on the stove, cowboy coffee heaven. Then I went out to visit Jon, Not our Jon, but the one we sit upon! No walls here just a Folgers can, We need an occupied sign. That was Kelly’s plan. The day started out with a lesson at eight-thirty, Leadership styles but I couldn’t hear no birdy. The forest got quiet and the clouds blew in, The tarp went up and the students all flocked in. The rain came down but no one got wet, Best decision made by LOWs, but we’re not at decisions yet! Next lesson taught us about conflict resolution, We’ll complete these stages and complete a revolution. It won’t be easy but we must confront, The person who is bugging us we’ll be upfront. Lunch came fast and we ate under the tarp, Cody found something to make Dalton’s fishing hooks sharp! He has been scavenging and even found a bowl, It’s not too shabby just a little bit of mold. We then set out to lean what to do if the canoe flips, And there was Jeff to give us a few tips. I mean that literally he flipped our canoe, If you saw Dalton’s face you would be laughing too! Kelly then set up her WEA Evac. Lesson, We learned what to do if there is a danger session. Then we went off to our tent groups for dinner, Kelly made chili and it was a winner. The other camp group made their first lasagna, I’m not sure what rhymes with that so I’ll leave it on ya! We finished the day with a long debrief, The topic was slightly morbid and may have caused some grief. But that being said it had to be done, And now that it’s over we’ll have some fun. Tomorrow we’re back on the river again, A six mile paddle a few portages and then, We’ll sleep on an island just like Gilligan did. This monkey hats for grabs, I look like a little kid. I’m fallin asleep and that’s my warnin, Gotta wake up early and do some munging in the morning! Sarah

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