Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 31, Sept 10, 2012 - Jeremy Naberhaus

I awake the morning inside an oh so warm embrace of a sleeping bag, my ears cold from the elements. That is not how I normally wake up. Most days I wake up in a warm bed with soft clean sheets. I got out of my tent to see the sunrise over pines. The sun glowed through the thick fog as it loomed over the cold rocky waters. I then went to the stream to get water, instead of flipping a faucet. I packed my equipment and food into two oversized dry-bags, instead of putting books into my book bag. I grabbed my paddle instead of a pen. I put on a PFD instead of a WIU hoody. I hopped into a boat and flouted down a vigorous class II rapids instead of walking to the smelly class rooms of Currens Hall. Back at WIU my friends complain about walking to another dorm to get food. My friends here…….. Well my friends here eye’s wide up when you mention a 1500meter portage. My friends here smile and laugh as our bodies get engulfed by the beast that we call the bog. We shrug our shoulders when dirt gets in our food. We talk about our lives, about anything and everything, we actually TALK instead of text. Right now as I write we look at the most beautiful star lit skies I have ever seen instead of watching TV. We get high off of rapids and trees that look just right for bear bags instead of beer. My life is so much different from last year. This is the life for me. I can’t think of a place I would rather be. - Jeremy