Monday, September 30, 2013

9/30/13-Plan to Play

Plan to Play
Cassandra Roy
My quote of the day was once spoken by Peter Drucker, “Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.” ECOEE 2013 has been planning this expedition as a group since January. Others have been planning for this since before college; even selecting this college because of it. In whatever way you look at it this group of 14 people has been planning for this semester, month, week, day for a very long time. But the real question is; how far can plans take you? I, myself, have made plans that change or just never occur; as I am sure have most of you. During our spring semester we planned this 120 day expedition. Every week we revise our schedule and every night we revised that schedule. Today, for example, we changed our plans of spending our last day at Yellowstone National Park. We took the time to plan stops at geysers, hot springs, self-guided tours, visitor centers, and even to see Old Faithful. So what does all of this planning mean to the group? As I quoted earlier planning is only good intentions unless they are followed by hard work. Now I am sure that my entire ECOEE ,including myself, would agree that planning in itself is hard work. So you may be wondering what hard work I am talking about. I have realized during this expedition that none of our plans, none of our hours of talks would mean anything if this group did not try to follow the plans. We can only talk so much, but it is our actions that truly matter. Without the entire groups hard work and effort this expedition/group would not be where we are today. So this journal is my thank you to the entire group, for making ECOEE 2013 work, and making it an experience that I will never forget. -Cassandra Roy

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