Saturday, September 7, 2013

9/7/13 Don't Forget the Little Things

Don’t Forget the Little Things
9/7/13 Day 29 –Shayla Hill
            Another Saturday has come and gone. We’ve received feedback from our tent mates, gave feedback to the LOW’s (Leaders of the Week) so we can all continue to learn, and we welcomed the new LOW’s for the week. There’s much to be done for the week ahead, lessons to be taught and miles to be caught up. I have no doubts that it will get done because our group is determined. We have traveled far and have learned a lot from each other. Every time we canoe, every time we portage, and every day we all get closer to one another. Ever since day one at Horn Field Campus our group has come far. For some of us we’ve learned something new, gained physical strength, and our hearts have grown a little bigger. For me being out here in the backcountry has really made me remember how much I appreciate the outdoors. Hearing a waterfall at night to put you to sleep, hearing the wind blow through the trees, seeing a beautiful sunset, or the bright stars up in the night sky. There’s so many things that we all tend to overlook in our everyday lives. But when you’re put out here with no technology or any other thing that’s distracting, you’re forced to see all the beautiful things that this world has to offer.
            I believe I’ve learned and have grown a lot in these past couple of weeks. I still have much more to learn and a lot of room left to grow. There are many challenges for all of us to face and whether we’re ready for them or not we’ll find out, because we’re all in this together. Everyone in the group is counting on one another, because we all need each other.
            Until next time…
            “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” –J.F.K.

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