Tuesday, September 17, 2013

9/17-To portage or not to portage That is the question!? The return of the Ecoeen.

Day 39 Sept. 17th
                To portage or not to portage that is the question. Today the ten of us brave enough or well stupid enough tried our luck on a set of class two rapids. The overall lesson of the day was that no matter how hard you try when facing a brick wall of white water you'll never escape that tip. The last few days we've gotten graced by the G man himself to have nice camping spots at the end of our portages even if they were not meant for fourteen people. Once again Norris and I famous last words before the rapids "Let's make it happen" and one fist bump and a plunge into the cold waters of the Canadian grass river later, sadly our celebration surely got the best of us. Diving head into a white wall of what seemed to be a brick wall but in reality was a ROARING set of water, being the second to attempt, the first of two boats to conquer the wall we were still defeated due to our infamous paddle raising, lesson learned today "first rule to running rapids... Don't gloat till you are the on shore." As my head began to nod and boyo began calling my name, we came up to our second to last portage of the day. With the promise of our best campsite we had to settle for a picture perfect scene you would normally on the background of your computers desk top we began hulling our gear and boats across a spurs forest. Now here I sit with the first camp fire we've made in the backcountry at our last camp site with our goal no less than one day away, staring into the blaze wondering to myself what's next.

                                            _Dustin S. Granat                                                                                                                            "Inspire while being Inspired"

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