Saturday, September 14, 2013

9/14/13-Learn to listen so you can listen to learn.

"Learn to listen so you can listen to learn."-Jerry Logan
                                                                    Tyler Schrapf

I believe it is days like today that give our group a much deeper faith in each other and in the process that has been developed by WIU, WEA, Jeff, and all his predecessors. . . Aside from all this rules and regulations business, the day went off without a hitch, we transitioned lows for the 3rd time in the backcountry, I am excited for the group as we progress down the last 80 or so miles of the river. The campsite has provided us with much room to move around and spend some much needed time to ourselves. Some caught up on personal journals; others planned their interpretations for the west. But if one thing is for certain, I know we all took a little time to assess our commitment t the group, and to ECOEE, and in that respect, this final day off on our river expedition has provided us with a great thing.

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