Wednesday, October 2, 2013

10/2/13-Fall Cleaning

  Fall Cleaning
Emily Chathas

What did ECOEE 2013 do today, you might wonder? Well our day started off with some delicious breakfast burritos made by Kevin and the other cooks for the day. Soon after I saw all our belongings being piled tall outside the trailer by Jeff, and I could tell how his face had this stern look that today was not going to be a good one. So, everyone gathered around as Jeff told us that we are messy college students and we do not take care of things well, such as our own things, food, and the group’s items.  It was time to reorganize and clean everything from the back of the trailer, to the inside, and both of the vans. While doing this, I really saw the group work together and be effective while cleaning and organizing everything, which was nice to observe and do as well. But, the question is how long will this clean trailer and van last? We will have to see! Another part of our day was that we went to Teton Science School, the Jackson Hole campus, and got to talk to Josh who is on staff. He actually has talked to past ECOEE groups. During our visit I really enjoyed myself and took a lot of what he said and learned from it. I really liked that when he was giving us a tour of the campus he would stop and do some teaching of outdoor education. He talks about anything from quaking aspens to the topographical display of the Grand Tetons. I really enjoyed his teaching style and how he engaged the group by asking what we observed when looking at something. I feel that is such a great way to get an understanding of where the people you are teaching are at. You can gauge what to talk about first, how basic it needs to be, and so on. I plan and hope to use that method of teaching when I do my own teaching on plants, shrubs, flowers, and cacti. Our group headed back to camp with knowledge and tools to use from Josh. Lastly, if you wonder what the weather has been like here in Wyoming, it’s been raining -- and a lot of it.
“Sometimes you have to watch someone love something before you can love it yourself.“ Donald Miller

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