Thursday, September 12, 2013

9/12/13 Portages, Rapids, and Missing Things

Portages, Rapids, and Missing things
Kyle Pickett

            Today has been a rollercoaster ride of events. From taken things to a fantastic waterfall, the events today will be something a lot of us will never forget. The morning started with the group getting a stern talking too from Jeff. A lot of us had left gear and personal items out and he had finally had enough of it. Jeff decided to gather all the gear that wasn’t packed away properly and put it in a pile. He told us how unorganized things not being taken care of would be taken from us and the LOW’s would have to carry them for the rest of the week. Some lost maps, and some even lost a stove. With this it put the group in a very negative attitude, and to boot we also got onto the river late.
            Yet even though today didn’t seem to be our day, the weather gave us something to smile about. The entire day was filled with sunshine and this made the many portages we had to do a lot more enjoyable.
            When we reached our last set of rapids though, we decided to take a chance. Jeff had decided that if we had our boats unpacked we would be able to run the class 2 rapids. Cass and I were the first too be unpacked and set our to experience the class 2 rapids. And oh what an experience it was. Even though we hit the beginning of the rapids fine, the last big section caught us by surprise. Water began to fill the boat and within seconds the boat was filled and we were swimming. We swam the boat to shore, emptied the water with some help from Ro and Andrew, and got our stuff back to begin our trip to our campsite. The two of us paddled the rest of the way to camp soaked from head to toe. After the 2 kilometers we paddled we reached our campsite, which happened to be next to a waterfall with an amazing view.
            And after getting to see an amazing sunset, and hear the falls outside my warm and dry tent, going for my little swim today almost doesn’t seem that bad, almost.
“Today is a new day; you’ll get out of it what you put into it. If you have made mistakes, even serious mistakes, you can make a new start whenever you choose. For the new thing we call failure is not falling but staying down”- Mary Pickford

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