Wednesday, September 4, 2013

9/4/13 The Windy Maze Through Reed Lake

Emily Chathas Sept 4,2013
“The Windy Maze Through Reed Lake” 

                I woke up this morning with the reflection I had yesterday when everyone talked about missing there family and friends last night during debrief. With the tears that had fallen and talking to others about how they feel I thought it was a great way for the group to connect more with one another and grow deeper friendships. So I woke up this morning with ambition, knowing that I have sixteen days left on the Grass River. What will I make of it? When I had pondered and thought about it, I knew tomorrow was going to be a day filled with lessons learned by mistakes I would make across a large lake called Reed Lake, while soaking up the beautiful creation that God has made. As I went through the day, I continued to remember that each day I spend in the back country, I was learning in some shape or form by my actions or the people I am spending my time with each and every moment of the day. I believe learning much about yourself through the others you spend time with is a unique way to discover yourself a little more. Today the lesson I learned was being confident in the decisions I make and not doubting myself, knowing that if I mess up or steer the group wrong  I will always  know they will forgive me and it  will be another lesson that I learned. So I sit here looking at the sunset and I look back at today and know that the experience that I am living everyday is something that so many people back at home are jealous of. This gives me motivation to keep on living each day to the fullest, so I can go home with stories that I can’t stop telling and sharing. I leave you with this, blog readers: know that each day is a process, but success and failure will never define your day. Till next time…   

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