Tuesday, September 3, 2013

9/3/13-Wind another obstacle

“Wind another obstacle”
                                          Quinn Moore                                    
            This morning as I wiped the weariness from my eyes I realized I slept passed the scheduled wake up time at 5am. I sat up from my bivy site and saw that no one was moving in camp. Finally I heard the roar of the wind and realized we would not be leaving the island right away. After I finally got out of my sleeping bag I expected to hear the noise of burning stoves and the smell of food cooking, but I was surprised how quiet it is when the stoves aren’t going. As I was walking around camp I thought to myself that every time I have the group journal the group is faced with some form of change of weather that keeps us off the water. It is amusing that weather is my outdoor education topic. I now see why Paul Petzoldt always said “forecasting weather is for dudes and fools”. We had several great lessons taught today, including our first interpretive lesson from Tyler. He talked to us about Henry Hudson and his exploration into Hudson Bay. We had a great lesson about homes and animal habitats, as well as an introduction to identifying trees. Jeff and Shane taught lessons about leadership style, and analysis, as well as the authority cycle. Jeff gave us an interpretive talk that caught everyone’s attention and made us all laugh. After Jeff’s lesson we took a small break and I started to reflect on how much I have grown in just a few short weeks. For instance my self reflection and evaluation skills have started to sharpen. After our break we debriefed the day. During debrief we all confessed that we miss home, as well as our families and friends. While we were thinking about home we realized that some people are envious of what we are experiencing, and we know it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We look forward to making ECOEE the best experience we can.
                                    “Roses are red
                                    Violets are blue
                                    I’m stuck on an island with Jeff
                                    And so are you”
-       Quinn Moore
“Even the ablest navigators fall victim to the winds and the waves”

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