Monday, September 9, 2013

9/9-First nation Medication

Day 31  
                Wekusko meaning medicine in the language of the swampy Cree nation. Kind of ironic we get our days off in a front country camp ground with no one around... Just what we needed A? Somehow though everywhere we end up I find myself saying at the end of the day it's not where you go but who you meet when you get there. I've met some of the kindest people these past weeks up here in Canada. We've been given two fish and countess knowledge from those who call themselves the Cree.
                Sure enough every great thing must come to an end. With a new set of lows and a jig in our step we push off on this supposed lake of healing, funny thing though that day could have amounted to our hardest day of paddling yet. But with a beat in my heart and Tyler's sweet country lyrics in my ear I pushed myself to the end. And wouldn't you know it the lake of healing provides us with a glorious beach to hang our boots up for the night. Medicine for the wiry traveler A? I didn't even need my Marmot.
                To the sound of papa bear saying Shayla is done with breakfast I awoke revitalized and terrorized by the thought of the big boos letting me have it all day for making him the last one in the water for the first time! Surprisingly we had the best morning of paddling yet, I think for him at least it was due to the fact is was quite for the first time all trip... Well at first. With a million thoughts racing through the tangled fish lines that make up my brain I remembered something told to me a while back which was 25 words or less, translating to only 25 question and one amazing conversation that won't be soon forgot. For the first time in a long time this lost city boy finally found some light!

                                                 _Dustin S. Granat                                                                                                                           "Inspire while being Inspired"

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